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About Us


Tania Mallow Jewellery, envisioned by designer and creator Tania, harmoniously fuses nature's elegance with impeccable craftsmanship. With over twenty years of expertise in jewellery making, Tania ensures that each piece is not only individually designed but also meticulously crafted to endure the test of time.

Tania's journey commenced in her father's garage, where her passion for creation blossomed, crafting jewellery from wire and glass beads, laying the cornerstone for her lifelong dedication. Recognizing the entrepreneurial potential, by age nine, Tania was already selling braided wristbands to her classmates.

In 2001, fueled by her passion for jewellery and creativity, Tania dedicated herself to formal training under the guidance of renowned Goldsmith Chris Schweder. This investment of time and energy paved the way for her pursuit of a career aligned with her passion.

By early 2005, Tania discerned a market niche for quality handmade jewellery blending affordability with exquisite design, leading to the official establishment of 'Tania Mallow Jewellery.'

Four years ago, Tania made the courageous decision to transition into jewellery making as her full-time profession. Her creations are imbued with inspiration drawn from the beauty of nature, native birdlife, and the elegance of classic contemporary aesthetics. Tania also finds joy in collaborating with clients to craft distinctive, bespoke jewellery pieces.

Over two decades of showcasing her work in galleries and stores across New Zealand, Tania has cultivated a diverse and loyal customer base.

“I derive immense joy from witnessing the journey of a piece of jewellery, from an idea scribbled on a scrap of paper to its formation and the final polish. It's a truly enjoyable process.”