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About Us


Tania was born with a desire to create and as a young child always showed a deep love for all things small and shiny. By the time she was 8 years old, Tania could be found tinkering away in her father's garage fashioning little jewellery pieces out of wire and glass beads that would lead to a lifelong passion. It wasn't long before Tania would discover the business aspect of her creations and by the time she turned 9 she was selling braided wristbands to her classmates. 

With a hope of finding a career incorporating her passion for jewellery as well as  her need to create, Tania earnestly invested more time and energy into her endeavour of becoming a jeweller. She feels very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to train under the guidance of locally renowned and accomplished Goldsmith Chris Schweder and now boasts a formal background in jewellery manufacturing.

“Knowing that people are out there in the world wearing my jewellery is amazing and very humbling. It gives me such a buzz when I meet a random stranger and notice that they are wearing one of my creations.”

By early 2005 Tania had noticed a need in the market for quality handmade jewellery that could combine affordability with beautiful design and soon after 'Tania Mallow Jewellery' was officially born. After 14years of selling her work through galleries and stores across New Zealand she now has a strong diverse customer base and following

“I love seeing a piece of Jewellery come to fruition. From an idea scribbled on a scrap of paper to forming it and eventually giving it a final polish, is a really fun process”. 

This year with the support of family and friends, Tania took the bold leap to become a fully self employed artist. She can currently be found cozied up with her cat, working on building her brand and experimenting with fresh new designs.