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Jewellery Care


To keep your jewellery in the best possible condition and to avoid scratching or damage, we recommend storing your jewellery separately in a secure, dry place such as a jewellery box or case.


We recommend that you avoid wearing your jewellery during activities such as cooking, cleaning, gardening, swimming/showering and particularly sporting and gym activities. Avoid direct contact with hairspray, perfume and other beauty products which may tarnish your jewellery.

Cleaning of Silver  and Gold Jewellery

For light cleaning we recommend using a soft polishing cloth. For silver which has become tarnished use silver dip, dry well and follow with a soft polishing cloth.

For items with gemstones soak in a solution or warm water and dishwashing detergent for several minutes, brush gently using an old toothbrush, rinse well in clean water and dry.

To remove any fine scratches or marks which may occur with normal wear and tear, it is best to have your jewellery professionally polished and cleaned. Tania can offer this service to her customers, please ask.

Cleaning of Copper Jewellery

Unfortunately Copper  reacts with oxygen and the natural oils in our skin and will tarnish.

You can try several household items to remove the brown discolouration including: lemon juice, vinegar, toothpaste or even tomato sauce! Silver dip will also remove discolouration. Make sure to rinse well in clean water and dry straight away.

Follow up with a soft polishing cloth.