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Wave Ring, Sterling Silver
Wave Ring, Sterling Silver
Wave Ring, Sterling Silver
Wave Ring, Sterling Silver
Wave Ring, Sterling Silver

Wave Ring, Sterling Silver



This heavy silver ring features a captivating wave-like pattern. Crafted from solid sterling silver, its substantial weight gives it a sense of durability and presence.

Free form movement is celebrated in this ring to beautiful effect by Tania. The intricate, undulating design evokes the gentle ebb and flow of ocean waves. Perfectly imperfect, it plays with our desire for symmetry and projects a feeling of playfulness. The thicker nature of the silver gives this ring a very substantial feel.

Rings are ideal for stacking and everyday wear. Tania’s rings like all of her pieces are created to give the wearer a sense of comfort and quality. Her rings are therefore much more substantial than many other hand made comparisons. She goes the extra mile to shape the interior of each ring with a slight curve and soft edge for maximum comfort.

Wider bands like this one are a very contemporary look and offer endless customization of textures and patterns due to their larger surface area.

Rings often signify love, commitment and even creativity. They make a very special gift for someone else or yourself. 

Sterling silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% pure silver. The alloy composition results in a metal that is very durable and long lasting. Sterling silver is easily polished using a polishing cloth. Tania Mallow jewellery is certified sterling silver.

Sizes can be customized, please contact Tania to discuss.

Size: P1/2

Material: Sterling silver 

Measurements: 14mm x 2.6mm   

Weight: 17gm

Hand made by Tania Mallow in her Beachlands Studio in New Zealand.

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