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Tiki Necklace, Sterling Silver
Tiki Necklace, Sterling Silver
Photo of girls neck wearing small tiki pendant, carved in wax then cast in silver, on 45cm silver chain, handmade by Tania Mallow Jewellery
Tiki Necklace, Sterling Silver

Tiki Necklace, Sterling Silver


A petite Tiki necklace skillfully cast in sterling silver from an original Tania mallow carving. Finished with an oxidised surface, sterling silver chain and clasp.

The Hei-Tiki is a symbol of incredible significance to maori, the indigenous peoples of Aotearoa. Unlike many jewellery symbols which are forms of adornment representing an idea, the Hei-Tiki actually embodies the wearer's ancestors or a specific person who has passed. Traditionally carved in Pounamu (New Zealand Greenstone) it is considered a great Taonga (treasure) and is lovingly and respectfully created by Tania in her signature carved and etched style.

Tania’s Tiki has an openness about it and an almost playful look. This is a lovely feature as it honors the traditional notions of a Hei-Tiki as being a talisman for good luck.

This necklace has a beautiful weighty feel. Like many of Tania Mallow's other pieces it is created with comfort and quality at the forefront. Materials are not spared on her jewellery and wearing them feels amazing. This necklace is enhanced by a skillful oxidization technique which brings the carved lines to life.

Sterling silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% pure silver. The alloy composition results in a metal that is very durable and long lasting. Sterling silver is easily polished using a polishing cloth. Tania Mallow jewellery is certified sterling silver.

Materials: Sterling silver

Measurements: 26mm x 15mm x 2.7mm, 9.8g

Chain: 45cm sterling silver 

Chains are also available in 40cm and 50cm, please add note in comments if you would like a different length.

Handmade by Tania Mallow from her Beachlands studio in New Zealand.